Saturday, January 17, 2009

TV/Movies = Sex?

In the mid to late 1960’s, the mere mention of brief nudity or a partially clothed bedroom scene was enough to stir the masses. One little scene was the talk of the town, television and radio talk shows, and newspaper articles!

Well, we’ve come a long way in 40+ years! These days, it’s a real challenge to find a movie that does not contain nudity or sex, whether graphic or implied. Many of the scenes leave nothing to the imagination, and that’s only PG-13 or R movies. A night at the movies with my wife has become a real challenge to avoid such inappropriate scenes. Taking my kids to the movies is much more difficult to do. While I can remember going to the movies several times a year as a kid, my own children might go once or twice per year, as there is simply too much filth that is ready to permeate their brains.

Your children are also heavily influenced by the graphic and implied images that they see in movies, ads for movies, or on the videos that you watch at home. And, yes, the slick producers are able to make these images most enticing to your children.

Further, the print and visual ads for these movies are equally as enticing to your kids. And, of course, peer pressure contributes to your kids’ desire to see these movies. To give you and example of the slick ways that Hollywood slips sexual content into the movies, courtesy of, read the following notes of the sexual content in two movies: (see if can you guess the titles of the movie after reading the clues):

*A woman gets the impression that her husband is suggesting that they have sex on their dining room table; she guzzles her wine (and her husband’s) and unbuttons her sweater vest, giggles and says “It’s not even Saturday.”

*A priest ogles a woman in a bikini.

*A woman wears a bikini in a tanning bed, exposing cleavage, bare abdomen and bare legs

*A man pulls his pants down and we see his bare buttock.

*A woman’s low-cut pants show the top of her thong and buttock cleavage, and a woman’s dress reveals cleavage.

If those descriptions were from movies that you and your spouse were to view after the kids went to bed, that would be a choice that you made. However, the descriptions were from a two PG movies entitled, “Christmas with the Kranks” starring Tim Allen and “Freaky Friday”, with Lindsay Lohan (a teen favorite!).

Again, these types of inappropriate sexual content were slipped in comedies, starring everybody’s favorite tool man and a new favorite actress of middle school kids! After all, how could the movies possibly go astray? While I have not actually seen either movie, just those little snippets of sexual content, however brief they may be, are enough for me to know that I do not want my kids exposed to these movies. And, remember, Hollywood has produced these movies to target your child!

If you were not thoroughly disgusted by the content in these reviews (an understandable reaction, as we might have become desensitized to this type of junk), read them a few more times. By the 3rd reading, knowing that these movies were geared specifically for your kids, you just might become sick to your stomach.

Keep an eye on the movies that your kids watch - the sex and nudity can become as addictive as alcohol and drugs for your child!

Paul W. Reeves

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