Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kids+Hospitals+Dinosaurs (Pt.3)

(Continued from November 20, 2010) ..... O.K., now for the rest of the story ……….. with his mother and I living on pins and needles for years after that emergency room and hospital stay, our son, at the ripe-old-age of 13, was discussing his long-ago emergency room visit and hospital stay with us.

We marveled that the doctors could not ever find anything wrong; we discussed the massive pain that did not seem to have a source; and we discussed the fear in which we lived while he recovered, as well as the concerns that had been on our mind ever since that night 9 years ago.

Then my son made an announcement that left us unsure as to whether to jump up and hug him or immediately place him on e-Bay!! Don’t worry, we hugged him!

He announced that he had always been surprised that the doctors could not find the reason for his pain, as he had known the reason at the time (O.K., this was getting interesting now!)!!

He told us that he had been “playing dinosaurs” on that day, imitating different types of dinosaurs on the grass in the yard and even eating the grass, just like a real dinosaur, ……….. AFTER I HAD FERTILIZED THE WHOLE LAWN!!!!!!

So, there you go. After years of living on the edge with the next possible stomach attack for our son, he now revealed that the solution was simple – he just stopped eating the grass while playing dinosaurs!!

Well, of course, doctors with years of training and practice, parents who cared for him, parents carefully watching every bite that he took for years, and the 4-year-old knew the answer the whole time – JUST QUIT EATING THE FERTILIZED GRASS! He didn’t realize that there had been confusion all of those years. If he had known, he said, he would have told us years ago!

Ah, yes, parenthood certainly has moments of pleasure, concern, emergency rooms and hospitals, and even relief! Although our relief came 9 years after the fact, it was welcomed news!

Oh, and one more thing: I now always hang signs in the house when I fertilize the grass, just in case a now 19-year-old wants to relive old times and play dinosaurs again!

So, how about you? Any scares that turned out to be easy cures? Our story gave new meaning to the phrase, WATCH OUT FOR DINOSAURS!

Paul W. Reeves

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