Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dad and Son in Concert (Pt.2)

(Continued from October 30, 2010) ..............  At any rate, I have often shared that story with my son, even dating back to when he was a little tyke. Well, for his big performance with me in public, as we were preparing to leave the house, he told me that he was only going to take the bass drum, snare, one cymbal, and a hi-hat, just like I had to play when I was his age! (See –I’ve told you before that your kids are watching you and they are listening to you at all times -  and they internalize everything, spoken and unspoken!).

So, at the concert during which he garnered a substantial amount of applause, my son purposely forced himself into being a better drummer and not relying on the instrument to carry him through! What a guy, what a dedicated musician, and what a hot dog!

After his performance and after the applause finally died down, I made the same announcement as last year. I told the audience that I had always told my son that he could live in our house until the day came that he surpassed me in drumming. I then announced that he would be packing and leaving after the concert! The audience laughed and a few people raised their hands to adopt him!

And, why not? This young man has earned the admiration of his father, as he has worked hard over the years to be the best that he can be. Hours and hours of playing, listening to recordings and advice, practicing, watching instructional videos, asking me questions, and taking lessons with professionals have all led to him being the drummer and musician that he is today! (Of course, if he would keep his room clean at all times, I would be a little happier!).

So, audience members wanting to adopt him? Of course they do! But, there is no way that it is going to happen. He is mine, I am immensely proud of all that he has become through his hard work and dedication, I am amazed and pleased (beyond what words can describe) that he has clearly surpassed me in the world of drumming and …… he can stay in our house for as long as he wants to stay!!

Am I bragging about my son? Well, not really, although it might seem that way. I am just proud of him setting his goals early, paying attention to details that would help him achieve his goals, working hard just about every single day for years, and then making his dad proud with an audience in public!

And this is what I always suggest to kids: set your positive goals; develop a plan to achieve the goals; and then work really hard to make it. I have never seen a student not make it when their plan is in place AND when the plan is supported by loving parents. So, help your kids adopt their goals, develop their plan(s), and allow them the time to work at it to achieve. The rewards are overwhelming!

Oh, and another reason for allowing my son to stay in our house for as long as he wants, irrespective of him surpassing me in drumming? I need to be nice to him, so that he’ll invite me to come on stage during HIS future concerts!!

So, how about you? Send me a note to tell me of your child’s goals, plans, and hard work. Keep up the terrific work with your kids!

Paul W. Reeves

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