Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Kids and the Tigers

As you are aware, I have long been an advocate of spending as much time as possible with your kids. While quality time is nice, it is the quantity time that will make the difference in your kids’ lives.

As our children are constantly watching and observing us, the more time that we give to them to watch and observe our proper actions and travels through life, the more likely it becomes that the positive aspects that we desire to see in our children will come to fruition.

After all, if they are not watching, observing, and learning from us, they will be watching, observing, and learning from somebody else, i.e., Sponge Bob, an unscrupulous character in the neighborhood, substance abusers in school, etc. (As a side note, this is exactly the dynamic that exists when kids join gangs – the absence of loving role models sends kids looking for love, guidance, and acceptance in all of the wrong places!).

Also, I have been a lifelong fan of the Detroit Tigers! I have missed very few Tigers’ games (radio, television, or in person) in over 40 years. I still read just about every article that I can find and I’m never at a loss for words when a friend or acquaintance desires to debate the latest happenings of my favorite baseball team.

So, when my love for my kids and my lifelong passion for baseball are combined, what could be a better way to spend time than going to …… YES, going to the Opening Day baseball game for the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park in Detroit!!

I actually get to spend the whole day with my three kids and the Detroit Tigers! Wow, what a terrific combination! Between the driving time, the walking to/from the game, watching the pre-game festivities, and the actual game, we will be together non-stop for about 8-9 hours.

This will give me 8-9 uninterrupted hours to let them observe me engaging in appropriate practices, conducting myself as an adult, and speaking to them about a myriad of issues, including baseball and life in general and, hopefully, they will learn a multitude of lessons that surround both The mission is set!

Yes, Friday will be a great and memorable day for us! As the kids get older, these extended all-day opportunities are getting fewer and fewer. It’s time to enjoy life to the fullest!

How about you? How do you find 8-9 hours of uninterrupted time to spend with your kids? Let me know!

Also, come back next week for my report on Opening Day with my kids!

Paul W. Reeves

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