Saturday, May 23, 2009

Proud Moment For Dad

As a parent, how many proud moments have you experienced? Probably several hundred – perhaps several thousand! Of course, the goal is to experience more “proud” moments than the “not-so-proud” moments, because there will be plenty of both!

Although I am always proud of my children, in my life as a dad, I have had many moments when the emotions welled up, as one my of kids took the opportunity to make me proud of an accomplishment in a public venue. It’s a little tough to show emotion in those moments, but, nonetheless, it’s all there inside!

Several years ago, I started working as an announcer for various sporting events (football, basketball, baseball, volleyball). With many years spent in front of a microphone (as a Teacher, Principal, and Musician), combined with my lifelong love of sports, the combination of announcing sporting events seemed to be made for me.

I spent several years honing my skills in this regard, all the while hoping that I could someday announce an accomplishment of one of my own children.

Finally, my big moment occurred!! After years of announcing, “Tackle by #27, Joe Smith” or “Outstanding 7-yard gain for quarterback, #19, Bill Jones”, the moment to announce an accomplishment of one of my own children was finally presented to me!

During the 2nd quarter of a football game, my son, playing at defensive tackle and wearing #64, fought off a blocker, reached around the blocker with one arm, stopped the halfback cold, freed his other arm from the blocker and made a solo tackle on the halfback, stopping him for a 2-yard loss!!

With all of the enthusiasm that I used for all other players, I announced the following: “Big-time solo tackle by #64, xxxxxxx Reeves, as he reached around the defender to stop the halfback, Jim Jones (fake name) for a 2-yard loss .... an outstanding solo tackle for xxxxxx Reeves”!!

My son got back on his feet, flashed a quick look to the press box, and gave me a thumbs-up signal! Right at that moment, I felt the need to throw down the microphone and run down to the field to hug big #64, as he had created one proud moment for his dad! (QUESTION: While we know that it would be embarrassing for a mother to run down to the field to hug her defensive tackle son, would it be better or worse if a dad did the same thing?).

Somehow, I kept the emotions in check and the game continued, with my son making even more tackles and fine plays and with the announcer enthusiastically calling his name and number!

There have been several other moments in which my kids have made me proud in public, but that first tackle, coupled with the thumbs-up to the press box, ranks near the top!

How about you? Write back and tell me about the public moments that you have experienced in which your kids made you proud!!

Paul W. Reeves

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