Saturday, July 31, 2010

Family Frisbee Lesson - Part 3

(Continued from July 24, 2010) .... So, a valuable lesson was learned from the 65-year-old guy and his 40-ish daughter. The lesson is to keep doing things with your kids, irrespective of their ages, as well as your own age! After all, if an activity was fun when they were little, it is still fun!

Yes, we continued to play Frisbee during our remaining days on vacation; yes, hours were soaked up frolicking with the disc each day; yes, we played more Frisbee when we returned home; and, yes, we will be playing Frisbee on any future vacations, even with future extended families!

And, oh, one more thing – while were playing non-stop Frisbee for hours, we noticed that other families were watching us. Some laughed at our foibles; some marveled at a few catches and throws; and a couple of folks asked where we bought the Frisbee. Did our activity inspire them to engage in family activities that would take them back to when their kids were little? Well, there is no way to know, just like the 65-year-old dad and 40-ish daughter never knew that they had inspired us.

But, while enjoying each other's company with such an activity as tossing a Frisbee (even while tossing in the occasional sardonic comment, such, as, "Hey, that wasn't such a bad shot. After all, it hit the correct ocean!"), we realized that it had been awhile since we had played that long together and we decided that we would not wait so long for the next time.

So, yes, while doing nothing but relaxing on the beach, we learned a valuable lesson from some older folks – keep having fun with your kids, no matter how old they (and you!) get. The memories just keep getting better and better!

So, how about you? Have you ever "discovered" that an old activity with your children received new life when you did the same activity years later?

Paul W. Reeves

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