Saturday, February 5, 2011

Birthday Tradition Continues (2)

(Continued from January 29, 2011) .... At any rate, my daughter recently celebrated her 23rd birthday on a Thursday. As I was going to be out of town on that morning, I decided that we would perform her “Happy Birthday” song two days later on Saturday. I did not tell anybody of this plan, but I figured that it would work.

In lieu of being there to perform and continue the tradition, I recorded a special version of “Happy Birthday” in mp3 format for my daughter and I e-mailed it to her the night before, knowing that she would listen to it shortly after she awoke on her big morning.

However, our youngest son (17-years-old) had apparently decided on his own that this tradition of performing “Happy Birthday” on the morning of the birthday MUST continue – even in my physical absence. On the morning of our daughter’s birthday, he took it upon himself to enter his sister’s room with a boom box, cranked up the volume to max, and then played a CD recording of “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang!

Interestingly, I am told that my daughter immediately woke up laughing and thanking him (not the reaction that most of us would have had with such an abrupt wake-up call!), as she was thankful that the tradition had been kept alive!

Yes, the little whippsnapper just could not stand the thought of a long-standing tradition being stalled by two days, so he did the best thing that he could think of on the spur of the moment – blasting “Celebration” seemed just about right to him!

My wife called me right away to tell me of the news – that our kids had kept one of my (and our) birthday traditions alive for another year!! She was laughing as she told me and I soon joined in the laughter with her, both pleased as punch (“Pleased as punch?” – Hmmm, maybe I am becoming lame!) that our kids were keeping this tradition alive on their own.

Yes, the thought that our kids think highly enough of one of our family traditions to keep it alive on their own is certainly pleasing to both parents.

The thought that this just about cements the thought that they will do the same with their own kids someday is a feeling that is too good to describe!

So, how about you? Do you have any family traditions that bring joy to you and your family – traditions that you keep doing year after year out of joy? If so, please pass them along. Thank you!

Paul W. Reeves

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