Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kids' Activities - Let Them Try (5)

(Continued from March 5, 2011) ..... The overall point is not to boast about my daughter’s talents. The point is that we let our daughter TRY dance, as she had expressed a strong interest. Of course, she also expressed a strong interest in gymnastics, piano, softball, basketball, Girl Scouts, swimming, clarinet, and possibly 100’s of other activities – at least it seemed like it!

However, although we let her dabble in her chosen interests, we also made it clear that, as we had two other offspring and only two parents, she would have to make choices. Despite her desires, she would not be able to choose EVERYTHING as an option!

So, little by little, she whittled away activities from her list, until she was left with the world of dance and theater!

What if I had not taken my daughter to that dance recital when she was only three-hears-old? What if we had ignored her pleas to get involved in dance? What if we had just said no to her wishes? What if we had not encouraged her love of dance in the home?

If we had not done all of the above, it is clear that we would have destroyed her dream and, perhaps, her confidence with it. But, by saying yes, and keeping her other activities to a minimum, so that they did not dominate the family seven days per week, we were able to help her to learn, grow, develop, and excel in her chosen area.

So, although her name is not spoken in the same sentence as Beethoven and Ruth, she is on her way to a lifetime of fulfillment, helped along by the confidence and support that her parents gave to her!

So, let your kids try the activities in which they have an interest, within reasonable financial and time restraints and, who knows, maybe your child will grow up to be Ludwig Van Beethoven, George Herman “Babe” Ruth, …. or even a professional dancer with Broadway aspirations!!

Now, if she would only to remember to empty the cat litter between dance rehearsals …. ah well, a story for another day!

Yes, love your kids, spend time with them, help them in their pursuits, encourage them, and let them get out there and TRY IT – you’ll be glad that you did!

Paul W. Reeves

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