Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kids Gone = Lonely Weekend - Part 3

(Continued from March 26, 2011) ..........  So, "everybody" was right all of those years ago. Your kids will grow up, break away in small and then giant steps, and eventually move out. As such, it is important to spend quality and quantity time with your kids, put aside work and personal pet projects, and well, just give your kids your time for as long as you can.

As I sat alone at the kitchen table for most of the weekend, or with an occasional whippersnapper stopping in to say hello and change clothes, I was met with conflicting emotions.

On the one hand, I was incredibly sad that my kids were grown and fully breaking away, not even needing me to get through their weekend like they use to need me. On the other hand, I was really happy that I had not blown their formative years by staying at work too long, working too much on personal pet projects, and that I had made sure that I was one of the most influential and driving forces in their lives.

So, yes, it felt like a transitional weekend, but a weekend that, when all was said and done, brought happiness because I realized that I had done at least O.K. as their dad.

The great cap to the weekend was when each offspring independently said to me, after having not seen me for most of the weekend, words to the effect that they were glad that I was home; it was great to spend time with me; and that they hope that I can be there all next weekend, too!!! WHAT???

Yes, apparently my mere nearly 24/7 presence in the kitchen during the weekend provided comfort for them, as they knew that their dad was available to come to their rescue if he were to be needed ...... just like he used to every single day when they were little!

In this blog and in other places I have probably said it a few million times by now, but be sure to love your kids with your heart, soul, and all of the time that you can find. You'll be glad that you did it; your kids will be glad; and someday they might even thank you for sitting at the kitchen table all weekend while they explored life outside of the house!

Paul W. Reeves

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